Senior UI/UX engineer

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About the role

We are looking for a strong UI/UX developer that takes charge of both UI/UX efforts for our products, as well as helping users to understand Restate and durable async/await via interactive contents, playgrounds, or notebooks.

As part of leading the product UI/UX efforts, you will be in charge of developing open-source Restate’s UI that lets users view, analyze, and debug the state of their distributed applications, dig into their workflows, and navigate distributed service call stacks. You design and implement the user interface for our managed Restate cloud service.

This role also plays a crucial role in educating the developer community about durable async/await, Restate’s architecture powering this paradigm, and how such applications execute, communicate, and handle all sorts of failure situations. You will create interactive playgrounds and other materials to visualize and illustrate a distributed system in action.

You will work together with the engineers that develop the distributed Restate runtime and the managed cloud service. We are a small team (~10 people), so every engineer takes responsibility for big parts of the product and directly influences shape and direction of Restate.

Our developers can interact with users/customers in the open-source community and participate in outreach and evangelism efforts (articles, conference talks, podcasts). This is encouraged, but not required.

About you

  • Strong background in frontend development and modern JavaScript frameworks. You know how to build appealing and responsive web applications.
  • You can create intuitive interfaces and visualizations that help users navigate the state of their applications in a simple way.
  • You understand backend development, challenges, and are excited about Restate’s mission. You understand what information application developers want to see and how to support them when analyzing and debugging their applications.
  • Spent time working on multi-person codebases, with a good sense of what efficient and maintainable solutions in such an environment look like.
  • You like to take ownership of your work end-to-end.
  • Able to handle the ambiguity of an early stage startup. You can filter out the important from the unimportant.
  • A great team player with good communication skills for bringing your ideas across so that they become reality.

Perks and benefits

At Restate we need the best talent to revolutionize how people build modern applications. The best talent will get a great salary, stake in the company, be able to work from anywhere, pick their own gear, and solve some of the toughest problems. For more details check out the description on the careers pages.

If you’ve come so far, then you seem interested in this position! We would love to hear from you at