Get Restate

Here you can find useful links for each Restate application component:
the Restate Server, CLI, SDKs, and other tools.

Restate Server

The Restate Server is the central component of any Restate deployment, and manages all service invocations, executions, recovery, communication, and state.

Open source (self-host)

Self-contained binary under BSL-license.

brew install restatedev/tap/restate-server
npx @restatedev/restate-server
MacOS X.tgz.tgz

Restate Cloud

Early access version of fully managed Restate as a service.

Join the waitlist for Restate Cloud, to get access.

For now, Restate Cloud gives you the same functionality as the open source version, and is intended to help people try out Restate.


All SDKs are open-sourced under the MIT license.

TypeScript / JavaScript

This SDK lets you write services with TypeScript or JavaScript.

You can easily bootstrap a new Restate TypeScript/JavaScript project via the template generator:

npx -y @restatedev/create-app@latest

See the template generator for more details.

npm install @restatedev/restate-sdk

Java / Kotlin

This SDK lets you write services with Java or Kotlin.

You can bootstrap a new Restate Java or Kotlin project by cloning the templates:

Detailed dependencies:

  • dev.restate:sdk-api: Core API - Java
  • dev.restate:sdk-api-kotlin: Core API - Kotlin
  • dev.restate:sdk-http-vertex: for standard service deployment with HTTP/2 endpoint
  • dev.restate:sdk-lambda: for service deployments on AWS Lambda
  • [Optional] dev.restate:sdk-serde-jackson: standard Serde for state, side effect results, etc.
  • [Optional] dev.restate:protoc-gen-restate: Restate’s Protobuf code generation extension for prettier gRPC service code
  • [Optional] dev.restate:sdk-testing: testing utilities for Restate services


Restate CLI

Central management tool that lets you bootstrap new applications, register/upgrade services, debug running invocations, etc.

brew install restatedev/tap/restate
npm install --global @restatedev/restate
OS / Archx64arm64
MacOS X.tgz.tgz


The Restate AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) lets you easily deploy and set up Restate in your AWS account, and manage Lambda-based service deployments to self-hosted or cloud Restate environments.

npm install @restatedev/restate-cdk