Welcome to Restate

Restate is on a mission to simplify modern distributed applications by making them resilient, reliable, and faut-tolerant for you.

Our team includes the co-creators of Apache Flink and other distributed processing experts from companies like Apple, Stripe, Amazon, and Meta.

We look forward to meeting you as we work towards changing the future of application architectures and development.

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The origin of Restate

While building Flink and working with its users, we often saw non-analytic use cases, which were fascinating, but not the best fit for Flink. Those applications included distributed transactional applications and more traditional RPC-based applications, often with critical correctness requirements, like user management, logistics, ecommerce, payment, etc.

For those applications, way too much time is spent on non-functional requirements. Whenever we interact with other services, APIs, or asynchronous tasks, we are building a complex web of retries, state machines, distributed locks, queues, and all sorts of complicated and error-prone synchronization techniques. Event-driven applications were supposed to fix this, but end up being complex to write, debug, and operate.

We saw an opportunity to improve this. Restate lets you write applications as familiar RPC services, but executes them with an event-driven foundation that gives you the scalability and almost magical resilience of stream processing.

Meet the Restate team

A multinational team of distributed processing experts.

Stephan Ewen


Till Rohrmann


Igal Shilman


Francesco Guardiani


Giselle van Dongen


Jack Kleeman


Ahmed Farghal


Pavel Tcholakov


Victoria Dengg

Business Operations

Nik Nasr

Design Engineering