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About Restate

Our mission at Restate is to make it significantly easier to develop modern, distributed applications. We are building a unique technology with a novel take on how state, compute, and communication are handled in applications. We believe that our work will change the way application architectures will look in the future.

Restate sits at the intersection of distributed logs, databases, languages/compilers, streaming data processing, and service meshes. Building it involves some very hard problems in distributed systems, API design, and data-intensive system engineering.

We are passionate about developer experience and like building open-source.

If you enjoy building cutting-edge distributed- and data-intensive systems, crafting user-friendly APIs, and share our passion for great developer experience, we’d love to hear from you!

Perks and benefits

  • Competitive salary: In order to succeed with our mission, we need the best brains, and we pay competitively for that.
  • Stock options: All your hard work should not only benefit the company but also yourself. That’s why early employees will become owners of the company.
  • Work from anywhere: It doesn’t matter where you live. What matters for us is that together we make our company mission come true.
  • Regular Team Offsites: We care about the team spirit and do multiple offsites per year, where we work and play together.
  • Generous PTO policy: We offer at least 20 days of PTO to our employees, and we like it, if they take them.
  • Pick your own gear: You know best what you need to be productive.
  • Personal growth: Solve some of the hardest challenges together with a world-class team. We value education and growth and make sure that as the company and product grow, so do we.

Open positions

Senior distributed systems engineer
Bring your own position

If you’ve come so far, then you are certainly interested in Restate! We would love to hear from you, please send us you your resume via